Digital Content Strategy: OLX(Selfless Love)

Business Objective

  • To create deeper brand connect with prospect users
  • Position OLX as 'Part of your daily life' brand
  • Develop contextual, relatable & shareable content to deliver the message


Render an old classic simply to touch a cord with audience and have the brand play a central role in the story-telling


A story of a young couple who's love for each other is the most important thing in their lives. Such is their love that they can sacrifice anything for the happiness of each other. Come discover this beautiful story of a painter and a photographer, who are ready to let go of their own dreams for the dreams of each other. Watch this beautiful video to know more.


  • 19% WoW growth in organic app installs
  • 40% organic views compared to industry benchmark of under 10% as per YouTube
  • 61% of users say it is a better ad than others in the same category
  • 7 in 10 viewers would like to try and recommend OLX

Amongst Most Viewed Ads on AFAQs


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Business Objective

  • To reinforce the usage of OLX amongst customers at different phases of their lives where selling unwanted goods is a possibility


  • Selling of used goods is extremely relevant at every life-stage change like moving from school to college, college to first job, wedding etc.
  • Wedding related searches peak in April & May, which was the campaign launch timeline

Creative Approach

  • Shareable & contextual digital content using wedding as the theme
  • Leverage viral nature of humour as a genre using rising popularity of Kapil Sharma
  • Create 3 videos having high relevancy for the brand - Just Married with unwanted wedding gifts; After Marriage with used-less wedding accessories; After Kids with old accessories of kids 

Media Approach

  • Usage of annotations & playlist leading to a click through of 19% to the sequential video. This had 15% contribution to overall YouTube views organically.
  • Leveraged YouTube tag optimizations to ride on popularity of Kapil Sharma & related content
  • Targeted In-display & In-search campaigns using trending YouTube videos.These campaigns had even higher viewer retention than organic viewers.


 We've all been there. The overdose of wedding gifts​ that end up becoming​ used-less. Kapil has found the perfect way to deal with unwanted wedding gifts. Watch this hilarious video to put your wedding gifts woes to an end​ - ​D​ulha ​D​ulhan​ Ke​ ​H​it ​M​ein ​J​aari. 


  • 16% WoW increase in business metrics
  • 5% increase in organic app downloads
  • 1.7 Mn+ views, 53 K+ likes, 5 K+ shares, 11:1 like to dislike ratio(combined data from YouTube & Facebook)
  • 45% organic views compared to industry benchmark of under 10% as per YouTube
  • Growth on Google trends at country level, driven by Hindi speaking regions targeted for this campaign
  • Significant increase of 12% in brand salience amongst non-category users
  • 16% increase in purchase intent among competition users